Postmodernity as dystopia.

Courtesy of Jean Baudrillard, French philosopher and sometime-postmodern theorist:

"[The postmodern is] characteristic of a universe where there are no more definitions possible. It has all been done. The extreme limit of these possibilities has been reached. It has destroyed itself. It has deconstructed its entire universe. So all that are left are pieces. All that remains to be done is to play with the pieces. Playing with the pieces - that is postmodern."

"The universe is not dialectical. It moves toward the extremes, and not towards equilibrium; it is devoted to a radical antagonism, and not to reconciliation or to synthesis."

"Things have found a way to elude the dialectic of meaning, a dialectic which bored them: they did this by infinite proliferation...and by obscenity which henceforth has become their immanent purpose and insane justification."


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Don said...


The "spliters" (deconstructionists) are still finding things and "lumpers" (generalists) are still finding things. The human genome is a deconstructionist project, and E=MC2 is a generalistic theory. And... one of the laws of thermodynamics points to equilibrium. (So does Piagetian psychology.) So... I repeat... balderdash! (I had to look up dialectic -- argument -- so will you have to look up 'balderdash'?