When the heartache ends.

Last night I dreamt
my mother was a blade of grass
swaying in the shade of a willow tree

I would sit beside her and talk
of things she would want to know
She would bend her head and
graze my hand

Winter came and she grew brittle

An icy wind broke her and
she went away forever

When I returned in spring
and found that she was gone
I sat in the shade of the willow tree
and cried


(photo courtesy of www.trekearth.com )


Interestings facts.

Did you know that the average person carries 1.5 ounces of wax in each ear?

Did you know that, due to blue shift and interstellar gasses, neutron star J743K0 once blinked 'S.O.S.' for fifteen minutes?

Did you know that salt is impervious to heat? And that if a dry roasted peanut could survive a nuclear blast, it would still taste salty?

Did you know that 1 in 3 adults still suck their thumb and hide it from their partner?

Did you know that if you ate a rose for dinner every day (minus the stem and thorns), your skin would take on a reddish hue after one month?

Did you know King Henry VIII could belch "God Save the King"? In two different octaves?


Gotcha again.


On Beethoven and artistic determinism.

"Beethoven...turned out pieces of breath-taking rightness. Rightness - that's the word! When you get that feeling that whatever note succeeds the last is the only possible note that can rightly happen at that instant, in that context, then chances are you're listening to Beethoven. Melodies, fugues, rhythms - leave them to the Tchaikovskys and Hindemiths and Ravels. Our boy has the real goods, the stuff from Heaven, the power to make you feel at the finish: Something is right in the world. There is something that checks throughout, that follows its own law consistently: something we can trust, that will never let us down."

From Leonard Bernstein's "The Joy of Music" (Simon and Schuster, 2004)

*Feel free to substitute the name Beethoven with Zimmer, Goldsmith, Doyle, Fenton...