When the heartache ends.

Last night I dreamt
my mother was a blade of grass
swaying in the shade of a willow tree

I would sit beside her and talk
of things she would want to know
She would bend her head and
graze my hand

Winter came and she grew brittle

An icy wind broke her and
she went away forever

When I returned in spring
and found that she was gone
I sat in the shade of the willow tree
and cried


(photo courtesy of www.trekearth.com )


Anonymous said...

hey k-dawg.
that was beautiful. & sad. & as soon as i finished reading it, i immediately wanted to read it again.

had to get a new phone b/c my old one died on me so send me an email/text so i have ur #.

p.s. looks like a monkey's paw to me.

Saphron said...

Thanks, cuz.

P.S. And no one noticed but us.

Don said...

Strange the things that bring us to tears... even in our dreams.

Grass, dinner baskets, snicker-doodles, _________, etc.

Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.

Epoem said...

Only finally able to comment through the feeling that I cannot stop reading this poem.

It's such an unusual analogy -
"my mother was a blade of grass" -
which makes it work so well.

"talk to her of things she would want to know"

"She would bend her head and graze my hand"

"winter came and she grew brittle"

"icy wind broke her"

When does the heartache end?