You can't beat a flying dream.

Last night I dreamed I could fly.

In the past, the very few flying dreams I've had have been large disappointments, with me trying and failing over and over to lift off.

But last night I did it, I took a running leap and soared. And there were witnesses, and they were awed, and I went higher to prove that I could, and then dipped lower to let my fingers skip over the tops of trees.

There was someone else in my dream who could fly as well, a very nice young man just about my age, but he was content not to show off, just waiting until I was done so that we could fly together.

It was nice.


Preach it, farm boy!

To quote Wesley from The Princess Bride:

"Life is pain, Princess. Anyone who says differently is selling something."

There are those who would say this is too cynical, but to do so would risk a blog post of lengthy quotes from Eric Wilson's book Against Happiness and we wouldn't want that, now, would we.