I use too many exclamation points.



Anonymous said...

Those of you who see this site, need to know that this young lady is an incredible person! I have known her for many years and just want to put out there that she is beautiful, honest, brilliant, has always had great integrity and has a devoted nature. I know her family and she is surrounded by love and sincerity. Anyone who is favored to know her, would be very fortunate indeed. I hope she doesn't mind one of her admirers posting this, but you can only get a sense of someone from their blog... those who know her can testify to this truth beyond what she would ever tell you. I am proud, happy and blessed to be one of her greatest admirers. Thanks, Saphron, for being in my life!!

Your Best Friend,
A Nony Moose

csriz said...


What she said:)

Saphron said...

Gee...thanks, Mom.

(Love you!)

And thank you for agreeing, csriz, that was quite a lot to agree to, LOL.