Oh Moms, you so crazy.

So, I was visiting my mom the other day, and I'm pretty sure she was trying to burn the house down.

We were just talking, chilling, and I looked over and saw a cloth on the stove. A cloth. On the stove. And the burner to the left of it was on. So I said, "Mom, there's a cloth on the stove!"

And she was all, "So? It's no big deal. It's wet, it's not like it's gonna catch fire..."

"But you have a cloth on the stove."

I mean...isn't that self-explanatory?

Less than twenty minutes later I looked over, and there was a skillet on the stove with bubbles in it! Bubbles! So I said, "Mom, why are there bubbles in that skillet?!"

"Because they'll help clean it better, I wanted to get all the oil out..."

"But they're bubbles!! You're cooking bubbles, you can't do that!"

"Why not?"

"Because I said so!"

She grudgingly took the skillet off the stove.

You know, there's a lot about the house I'm going to miss when she finally succeeds in burning it down.


Rebel Mel said...

I hope your mother stays safe!

I was dissapointed that there was nothing in here about baritones! haha.

Saphron said...

Sorry, no real baritones were available at the time...but I sure can find one to mention, if need be. :D