Interview #1: Jay Clifford

For the uninitiated, Jay Clifford is the former leader of South Carolina band Jump, Little Children, which disbanded several years ago. They released three official studio albums, Magazine, Vertigo, and Between the Dim and the Dark, along with some demo tapes and EPs and live albums.

1. JLC spent some time in Ireland learning the musical traditions there, and it influenced quite a few of your melodies and lyrics. Why the Irish tradition in particular, and not something else?

2. Vertigo is probably the most experimental and ornate of the three studio albums. What influenced the new ideas?

3. With BTDATD, did the band feel the need, as a sort of last-ditch effort at broad commercial success, to "mainstream" their sound and if so, how was that decision reached?

4. Talk about the song Pidgeon and its inspiration. Did you have to research all the flora you name-dropped, or is gardening a secret hobby of yours?

5. The piano opening of Mother's Eyes is gorgeous. Have you ever composed classically, or ever thought about doing so?

6. Cathedral, from your first album, is perhaps your biggest hit. What do you think made it so popular?

7. For my sake, for once and for all...what is Say Goodnight really about?

8. Music has of course evolved since 1998 when you guys formally debuted. If the band were to put an album out today, what kind of sound do you think it would have?

9. Who are some of the musicians and bands today who you feel are most similar to the JLC catalogue?

10. Will you sign my arm? :-)

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