You Lost Me.

So I raved about Christina Aguilera's performance on the Idol finale last week of a song off her upcoming album Bionic (due June 8). Even if you're not a fan, check out the song in the video below. I think it's crazy awesome and she is memsmerizing to watch; she interprets the hell out of that song.

As I've been replaying this song over and over the last few days, I wondered what genius had sat down at a piano and plunked it out. Found out last night - Australian singer/songwriter Sia, about whom I'm sure I've blogged at least once. Her last album, Some People Have Real Problems, came out in January of '08 and is fantastic; she's a little quirky, definitely has her own sound, and a serious set of pipes. "You Lost Me" has her stamp all over it. I'm stoked! I love it when a music collaboration comes out so right. I only have to wait like ten days to get the album version and that still feels like way too long.

(for some reason, sometimes video embeds mess up the comment link, so if you don't see it just click on the blog post title and it'll take you to the post's individual page with comment section)

Happy Sunday! I have absolutely nothing on my plate, so I might drive to Old Navy and try on some dresses; I wanna have at least one for my trip!


Diana Mieczan said...

I like that video..She has a great voice! have fun shopping:)
Muah, sweetie

Epoem said...

So glad you posted this.
I have watched American Idol since it began. It almost feels as if all that watching was leading to Aguilera's performance which was on a different plane than anything prior, and there were some grand moments over the years.

Teresa said...

I haven't been keeping up with Idol, so thanks for the clip! Christina is still such an amazing singer! What a beautiful song.


Don said...

I'll check out Sia on Rhapsody. Happy Sunday (from Don on Monday!) time-traveling on the www.