Thank God for Jesus.


There's a book coming out this Wednesday called The Sartorialist, and it's by a man named Scott Schuman who goes by the book's titular moniker. He's a street-style photographer, snapping hip adults in major cities all over the world, and I didn't realize how much I liked his stuff until I found out about the book. (Don't you love it when you find out that something awesome is coming out like two days before it does? No wait period!)

I've wondered each time I've seen a subject of his, what these people are really thinking when they get dressed. Are they the sort of person who's so effortlessly individualist and creative that a quirky outfit seems perfectly normal to them? Are they making an effort to stand out quirkily? If so, can the Sartorialist spot such artifice a mile away, and does he reject it or accept it's inevitability?


I think I'm going to take a nap. Late night last night.

(photo courtesy of this post by Joanna over at A Cup of Jo)

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Rebel Mel said...

Oh my god! I love when I find out something totally awesome is coming out in like two days. Just like you said, no wait period! It's way more fun than when you find out about something really awesome that's already out. I'm rambling.